Visit to the Beijing Tongzhou Care Center on 26th July 2014

2014-07-15 10:01:56

Dear Members and friends,
SingCham charity subcommittee is organizing a visit to the Beijing Tongzhou Care Center, a center that is home to the mentally challenged people ages 5 to 40. There are at the moment 24 residents in the home. For your information, Singcham has supported this centre for over 10 years now. The purpose of the visit is to get to know the residents of the home, talk to them and sharing our love and care. For many of us who have not met each other for a long time, this is also an opportunity to rekindle our relationship with fellow Singaporeans and friends.  It will be a spiritually enriching afternoon!
Also, Mdm Zhang, the caretaker of the home is especially excited about our visit as this year marks the 10th anniversary of our caring relationship for the home. She may get some media coverage for our visit.
Details of the visits are as follows:
Date     :     Saturday, 26th July 2014
Time    :     1:00 pm
Meeting point and time:  We arranged all to take the transport from Lau Pa Sak (东直门外大街与新东路交叉路口, 幸福二村商业楼) at 1pm and we plan to arrive the home at 2pm. 
Those of you who wants to drive there, please arrive before 2pm and here is the driving instruction: 关爱中心行车路线:开车的朋友请您走京通高速到北关出口,然后往通顺路走(顺义的方向)直行到徐辛庄路口(因为小道太多路)还需往前直行。见下一个徐辛庄路口后,往右(往东)直行过铁道桥到十字路口,往左(往北)直行到十字路口,见内军庄村牌子往右(往东)400米即是北京市通州区关爱中心
Venue  :    Beijing Tongzhou Care Center | 北京通州关爱中心
                 Songzhuang town, Jun Zhang Cun, Tongzhou District | 北京市通州区宋庄镇内军庄村
Cost     :    Rmb100, Cover the cost of transport to and from Lau Pa Sak to the home and a T-shirt and shorts for the residents
                 (Those of you who have own transport will need to pay only Rmb 50 for the gifts )
We look forward to a wonderful and meaningful afternoon with you and residents of the home.
Due to the constraints in space for transport, participation is by registration on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please complete the following particulars and return to or to by 22 July 2014. We will reply your RSVP accordingly.
Company Name:
Mobile Phone:
Membership (please specify):
Member ____      Non-Member____
For enquires please call Leo at 010-65389330 or Stella at 13910528650.