Visit the Beijing Museum of Natural History with Children with Autism

2017-11-09 09:18:54

Dear Members and Friends,
SingCham Charity Committee will be organizing an outing for the children at the Beijing Stars and Rain: Education Institute for Autism (, on Saturday, Dec 2nd 2017.  We need your help to join us in taking care of the children please.  This year we plan to take them to the Beijing Museum of Natural History, we expect 25 children ,and due to their special needs, they will also be accompanied by one of their own parents.  2 teachers will be there to help and guide us too.  
We organized a similar event for the children last year.  All the volunteers said it was a good day spent with the children and they learned and feel a lot, the parents felt a great relief as the volunteers basically took over their arduous job of taking care of their children for a few hours,;and the children had a ball of a time running around the museum , they were happy to have new friends that care for them!
Beijing Stars and Rain is an educational institute that caters to the care and education of children who are autistic.  At present, there are 50 children from all over the country, ages 3 to 6, studying at the center.
Autism is a very serious childhood developmental disorder that includes symptoms such as a significant lack of social adaptation and interpersonal skills, language development difficulties, rigid and stiff mannerisms and actions, as well as not being afraid of danger.
Our itinerary on Saturday, December 2nd 2017 will be as follows:
0930hrs: Take your own transport to Beijing Museum of Natural History. 

(We only provide transport for children and their parents to and from Star and Rain, they will arrive at the museum at 0920 hours)

0930hrs to 0945hrs: Group photo taking
0945hrs to 1130hrs: Tour of the museum.
1130hrs: Till we meet again for another charity event.
We will collect RMB 20 from every volunteer to help pay for light refreshments for the children.
This is an incredibly meaningful and educational outing. Volunteers will learn first-hand about autism, pick up some skills from teachers on how to work with autistic children, and at the same time enjoy the tour of the museum.
We look forward to your early registration.
Kindly submit your names and contact information to Elsa Liu or call her for more information at +86-10-65330334 / 65330344.

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