SingCham Charity Mini Sports Day on 9th September 2017

2017-08-16 14:48:29


Dear Members and friends, 
Please keep Saturday, September 9th free for a memorable sporting event with the children from The Disabled Yuhua Health Care Service Center. Some of you may recall that last year we  hosted a successful “Mini Olympics”. However, this year, there will also be participants taking part from various districts in Beijing.  The main sponsors of this year event include Beijing Chaoyang District’s Disabled Peoples Association, a few commercial organisations and  China-Singapore Chamber of Commerce,SingCham will be one of the sponsors,  We are very happy to acknowledge the generosity of our Chairperson Ms. Dorothy Seet for contributing rmb3000 towards the organization of the event.
The participants in this event have mid-to-serious disabilities. To learn more about The Disabled Yuhua Health Care Service Center, please visit their website at
We urge you to help out and spend a meaningful Saturday with us. As volunteers, our main responsibilities will be to assist in the smooth running of  some sports events:.  Thank you in advance and look forward to seeing you there

Time (活动时间)

8:00am:            Volunteers to gather at 8:00am at HuJiaLou Middle School (for pre-event preparations).

9:00am:            Event to start at 9:00am, and will end around 12 noon.
Address (活动地点)

Bus route (参考公交路线):    9、433、488、619、671 呼家楼东下车   113、140、350、402、405、650、673  呼家楼北下车

Train (参考地铁路线):             地铁10号线/6号线呼家楼站下车,C2(东南口)出,步行500米即到

We will distribute t-shirts made specially for this event for you to change at the school. Please indicate the size of t-shirt you need. We are charging 25 RMB each for this event (member and non-member, free for the children under 9 years old).
The Disabled Yuhua Health Care Service Center is a registered government charity, if you would like to provide a donation, they will be able to open a tax invoice.
Please submit your name and contact information via email to Ms. Elsa Liu at
Kindly register by September 1st. If you would like to know more, please contact SingCham @ +86-10-65330334 / 65330344.
请您填妥以下报名信息,更多详情请咨询商会秘书处,联系电话:+86-10-65330334/ 6532530344。
请在2017091 登记并填妥以下报名信息发邮件到
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Company Name (公司):
Email address (邮箱):
Mobile Number (联系方式):
T-shirt sizes (T恤尺码):
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