English Singing Lessons for the Children of 光爱 School

2015-10-09 15:54:43
Dear SingCham members
The Singcham charity committee invites members to help teach children of  光爱 School English Songs and help them with English school work for 4 weekends and then culminate the project with a Christmas party with the children.  In short we will visit the school for a total of 4 times in the months of October and November and in December we will have a Christmas party with the children and they will perform the English songs that we taught them.
1) Brief Intro of 光爱 School. 
光爱School is a non-profit education organization that adopts kids from all over China. These kids are either from very poor families, are handicapped, or are homeless.  The school has actively helped the children reunite with their parents via various social media.
Since its inception about 10 years ago, 光爱has helped around 600 children by providing them with lodging, food, and education. The school in Beijing takes care of children from primary one to primary six while the school in Anhui takes care of children from Secondary school levels.  At the moment, there are about 75 kids in Beijing.
2) Singcham Charity Sub-Committee invites you to join us…
Singcham members are gifted to be effective bilingual. The purpose of our visits to the school is to raise the interest of the children in光爱School in learning English.  We will teach them nursery rhymes, English pop songs, Christmas songs, do boggles and activities with the children and basically to love and have fun.  We will also put aside time to help them with their English school work.
The dates planned are: 
1.      Saturday, October 17th, 0830-1200hrs.
2.      Saturday, October 31st, 0830-1200hrs.
3.      Saturday, November 14th, 0830-1200hrs.
4.      Saturday, November 28th, 0830-1200hrs. 
5.      Saturday, December 5th: This is celebration time.  We will host Christmas Party for the children at the school. The children will perform the songs that we would have previously taught them.
Please come and join us for this very meaningful activity! We are sure you will find a lot of joy and fulfilment when you work with the kids.
3)  Fees and such 
We are pleased to inform you that we have some donation for this event, hence the participation fee including transport and drink is only rmb 30 per head per visit on December 5th we will charge rmb 100 each participant as we are going to have Christmas party and gifts for the children.
We hope that you will sign up for all the dates listed below, but if you cannot make it for all the dates, we welcome you too as we need your support.
Transport to and from the school will be via chartered bus from Lau pa sat.  老巴刹 at 0830hrs. We aim to arrive at the school before 0930hrs, leave the school at 1130hrs and be back to老巴刹 (老巴刹 is located at 东直门外大街20号楼东 (近幸福三村).)
Contact information of光爱School
Telephone (Office): 010-69472748  邮编: 101300
Address: 北京市顺义区南法信镇大江洼村光爱学校(南法信地铁向北500米,见左边的世纪联华超市,左转直行到看见大江洼村牌,右转直行到头就到光爱学校)
Contact Person: 汪老师
Contact Person’s Phone: 13522471940
Email: wangxianlong.1968@163.com
Thank You

To SingCham,  
I want to register as volunteer for the following dates.   My wechat is        (We will send you the songs via wechat to help you prepare in advance)
I want/do not want to be the lead teacher ( We need 4 lead teachers who can commit on all the dates and help us with lesson plans) 
Day, Date & Time Able to attend?
Saturday, October 17th, 0830-1200hrs. Y / N
Saturday, October 31st, 0830-1200hrs. Y / N
Saturday, November 14th, 0830-1200hrs. Y / N
Saturday, November 28th, 0830-1200hrs. Y / N
Saturday, December 5th Y / N
Company Name:
Mobile Phone:
Please send the RSVP to singcham@singcham.com.cn